Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update on Colony Collapse Disorder

So for anyone who read my article on Colony Collapse Disorder (long though it was) will know that most of my research showed that bee populations are dropping at a rate of 1/3 or 30% per year. However my research was done almost exclusively though papers written between 2008-2010. Well a recent documentary that I watched this morning said that it is closer to 60% now. So in the last 2 years CCD rates have doubled. DOUBLED! Bees are dying at a rate of 60% per year. So does this mean that in 2 years it will be 90%??? It could very well mean that!

This is a plead for anyone who is interested in a backyard hive, even a small one, to go ahead and do it. It doesn't cost much and for every small backyard organic hive that we raise that is more push back against colony collapse disorder.
Bees, especially honeybees are vital!!!

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