Saturday, June 13, 2015

Baby Coon Designs

I know I have mentioned my favorite WAHM designer before but I don't think I have ever actually done a post just about her. A local artist, she creates children's clothing and diapers and has made many things for me and my kids. She mostly makes geeky themed clothes and diapers, a lot of her prints are Harry Potter, Firefly, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and other geek themed things.
River has two dresses made by BabyCoon Designs. One is a long sleeved "My Little Dalek" dress that is sooo beautiful. Her other one is a Miyazaki Anime one. They are both just sooo cute! I love them!

She also has two of her diapers a PUL Doctor Who Pocket dipe and a Halloween print fitted diaper. I love them both. Her diapers never leak and are sooo cute! Well made is an understatement.

Last but certainly not least she made me some breastpads and two lovie blankie/teethers, one for SB and one for my best friend's baby. Her lovies are made with a wooden ring for teething and are so beautifully made. Can you tell I have a favorite print? Yes Sweet Baby has a lovie to match her Dalek dress and I have matching breastpads. 

You can find Baby Coon Designs at her Etsy Store, and on FB. You should check her out, she is amazing!

First Farmer's Market Trip of the New Year

So last Sat me and my kiddos headed off to the Farmer's Market for the first time of the year. For those of you who do not know we had a rough month last month. We lost our beloved dog of 7 years in a very tragic manner, and then a few weekends later was Sweet Baby's 1st birthday and on the day of her bday party my best friend was giving birth to her baby girl and without going into details I will just say there were pretty scary complications.

So last weekend was the first weekend that we actually could take a few hours and enjoy some of the wonderful Farmer's Market. So we loaded up the little red wagon and headed off. Already this early in the season there were herbs, seedlings, baked goods, spinach, kale, and all sorts of other yummy things. We walked away with honey, baked bread, spinach and kale. It was SB's first time since her birthday and it was so different to take her now instead of as a nb baby.
The kids had such a blast!!!! So today we are going to head back for our second time this year! I can't wait!

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