Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Food into Toddler Food

So as a Green Mommy I think about 3 main principles when caring for my son, healthiness for my baby, cost, and Earth friendliness. Earlier in the spring I posted about making my own baby food and freezing it so my son could eat fresh healthy baby foods made fresh at home for a fraction of the cost of baby food from the store. Recently though my son decided he was ready for more whole food and started to refuse pureed baby foods. So I had three or four meals left in the freezer and didn't want them to go to waste. I also didn't know what to start feeding him. For a few weeks now we have just been feeding him yogurt, dry cereal (chex, cherrios) and small pieces of our meals (shredded chicken, peas...ect ect). Recently though I found the Gerber meals for toddlers in the grocery store. Some looked healthy but most were macaroni and cheese or spaghetti-ohs. To me that is just not what I want to feed my son. Not to mention the price is 2.00 per meal. That would be about $50 a week. Which is about $200 a month.
So I thought... "Hey I can do that!". So I bought a few boxes of fun pasta (tri-colored rotini, wagon wheels, ect.) I took fresh peas, the pasta and the pureed baby foods and made a few different kinds of baby meals. I made "rotini, sweet potatoes, peas and chicken", "rotini, shredded corned beef and carrots", and "rotini and peas in a pureed peas sauce". I was able to make enough meals for about a week and a half for $3.60. They are healthy, earth friendly and cost effective!
Here are some pics of the end result!

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