Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chicobag: The Recycled Bag

 This is one product review I have wanted to do for weeks, but had to wait until it arrived. A few weeks ago was the spring NCPR (North Country Public Radio) pledge drive. Hubby and I pledged and as a gift selected something called a Chicobag. I had never heard of it before. So I googled it of course and found out that these bags are mostly meant to be library/grocery/farmer's market bags. They are made of a light weight fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Not only that but the caribeaner is made from recycled aluminum, in fact only the thread is a virgin material. Each bag holds up to 40 lbs of food or books, yet folds up to fit in a tiny attached pouch which has a caribeaner to clip onto anything you need it for. It is a great spare bag and is even great for using as a main tote. I love love love mine. It is a chocolate and teal color with North Country Public Radio printed on the front. It is bound to become my favorite bag ever. The average bag on their site is 12.99$ which is so so affordable. They also carry cloth sandwich containers and snack bags. They even have the farm stand emergency kit which is three small totes in a pouch with a caribeaner. So without further ado here is the CHICOBAG!!!
Here is my chicobag. It is wrinkly from traveling here but it is sooo cool. It is rather big and is a great shoulder bag.
 I am so excited to have a new NCPR item. We haven't been able to pledge in a few years so this was nice.
 Made from 11 plastic bottles!
 The small bag attached on the inside is hidden when the bag is in use.

The small pouch with the larger bag stuffed inside. :)

I love love love mine. I did a happy dance today when it came. Bug caught the excitement and we danced and sang "Chicobag chicobag woot woot chicobag".


  1. Stopping by from the Real Diaper Blog Hop at The Eco Chic! Happy to have another green blog to keep up with!

  2. Thank you :) Always love to find new readers.


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