Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Vendors to Check Out!!!!

So every once in a while the Green Mommy (Me) will try to post about local vendors that I like. These are usually people who hand make, weave, sew, cook, knit, or otherwise craft things from Earth Friendly materials or simply to buy local. I want to make it my mission this summer to post about several of these.
This weekend is my town's annual Summerfest. I usually find the normal fare of plastic toys no one really needs, candy, sno cones, and of course all the normal merchandise that the stores have that is now "on sale". What I don't normally find is crafters except the last day in the park when there is an actual craft fair. This year though there was a group of three girls, one of which I just happened to go to high school with, who were selling the most beautifully handcrafted and vintage items. It looked like a booth lost in time. I could have spent all day there talking with these girls. I ended up buying the most alluring necklace and I have a picture of it to show you.

I am sorry to say that I do not have a name to tell you yet. I forgot to write it down or get their Etsy store name. The booth was titled "Three Umbrellas" or something of that sort. I will however be going back and I will be taking pictures and posting more about them.. so keep an eye peeled.
In the meantime though I do have the Esty store name of one of the girls (the one I went to High school with). She hand weaves the most beautiful scarves and shawls.
I really recommend checking her out.

Edit Update: The name of their booth was Three Crow umbrella Project. The other girl who has an Etsy shop can be found here.

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