Sunday, April 22, 2012

GCDC Wrap Up

Happy Earth Day Green Mommies!!! Unfortunately the Garbage Walk has been postponed because of rain but instead I have a few posts to bring you, starting with the GCDC Wrap Up. 
Our event was hosted by my good friend Liz H, and took place at the Massena Mall in Massena NY. It was a hectic morning with both Liz and I grabbing the last bit items we needed to bring, her much more so than me of course, I mainly had to just get the fruit platter. Then I arrived right after she did and we got the security to unlock the room. Within 2 mins there were three or four Moms waiting to be checked in even though it was only 11 AM, so Liz enlisted the help of some of our friends and her sister in law and within a few minutes we had people running check in, handing out tickets and selling tickets for the raffle, handing out the goody bags, and setting up food. 
We raffled off several great prizes. 
We had a Nursing Necklace made by J Dalton Designs. 

A Plarn Dish Scrubbie made by The Green Mommy. 

A Earth Day Necklace made by Upcycled Remnants.

 A Pocket Diaper by Go Green Diapers.

Wool Dryer Balls by Absolute Delights (and donated by Liz H). 

 A NB Diaper set by Baby Coon Designs.(wipes and a liner were added to this).

 A Soaker by Fluffyrumps.

A Country Gourmet Home Sampler Set donated by Liz H.
A 20$ coupon from Rogue Decals.
A Pocket Diaper by Bubbz Diaper.

And a Knotty Bums Diaper Cover by Coopadilly Creations.

The Grand Prize was a collection of items.
A Pair of Octopus Legs Brand Baby Leg Warmers.
Some Bummis Brand Wipes.
Rocking Green Detergent
Bummis Brand Basic Starter Kit
And A Green Mommy Plarn Diaper/Shopping Bag

All in all a great time was had by all. Each of the participants got 
a Green Mommy Tote Bag too

 filled with coupons and extra goodies, including a Snappi, 
a mini Green Mommy Wipe

, Rocking Green Detergent, Eco Sprout Detergent,
 a Real Diaper Association Bracelet

 and Bummis Brand Wipes. 
Each of the Event Helpers also got one of these. 

I am super excited to get mine so I can wear it everyday.
T-Shirts were also available and made at cost by Rogue Decals.
I made mine into a cute tank top and have been living in it since.

I also made a shirt for Bug to wear to the event.

So I will wrap up this wrap up with a few pics from the event. Enjoy!
Some of the Moms gathering and setting up. I am the one in the bright green event tee.
Checking in with Jacenta at the main desk (she also is in an event tee).
A few of the participating Moms waiting to change their little ones. My friend Kristen is there with her nb baby girl.
Changing the babies.
Two of the Moms posing with their babies by the sign while baby wearing. Love this pic.
The prizes for the raffle.
Our Sponsors. If you look closely you can see my new logo.
Bug and his "little sister", Liz H's daughter.
A bunch of the kids eating after the diaper change. Bug is the one in blue.

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