Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Another big switch in the Green Mommy household was switching our store bought foods to organic as much as we could. Now by store bought foods I mean boxed foods or canned foods. Things like bread, rice, cereal etc. We already grow an organic garden and shop for produce and meat locally (mostly). I already make all our own pickles, sauces, and jams and jellies. So the final frontier was our boxed food. So we began to try things. The first thing we tried was Kashi cereal. I was hesitant thinking, "this is going to be gross, I already eat healthy cereals.. they don't have to be organic too do they?" Both Hubby and I thought that. One bite and we were hooked. We now have tried almost every kind they have on the market and have yet to not love one. They cost about the same as name brand cereal and are entirely organic.
The big surprise for me though was going to their website. They do have a few pages dedicated to their food but the website runs more like a community or forum, with links to all their education materials and their anti GMO campaign. I was so shocked and pleased. They offer 7 products now that use no GMO products at all. The are working hard to educate America on Organic food. Kashi is great and it is one change we have enjoyed. Most of all it is DELICIOUS!

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