Saturday, April 26, 2014

Earth Month is Almost Over?

Well I do not know about you guys but for me April flew by! Between Easter, the local Fossil and Dino Fair, Earth Day, going out on maternity leave, Midwife visits, my Baby Shower, meeting with the OBs who will be doing both our c section as well as tying my tubes, spring cleaning and nesting, homeschooling, and getting Bug ready for Kindergarten.... I am exhausted!
I realized this morning that another year of the GCDC has come and I completely forgot about it. There are no local events for it this year and as River has not yet arrived I probably wouldn't be going to one anyway. However I am fully supporting all my friends around the globe celebrating cloth diapers this day. On that same note though diapers have been a theme for us this week. We have been dying, prepping, stripping and hanging dipes on the line, all in preparation for our little Rainbow girl. (Don't mind all our piled up summer toys and gardening stuff... it still hasn't gotten warmer than 60ish here.)

In other Earth Month news though we finally had time to tackle some gardening prep. There isn't a whole lot I can do right now being almost 36 weeks pregnant and with as much rain as we have had, but I did transplant some of our things into bigger pots.
I put both my daisies as well as Asya's roses in my biggest pots. I hated to change Asya's pot but I conserved every last leaf, bud and drop of soil into the new pot. Nothing was left behind. I know she is long gone by now but the idea of her remains in that soil. I combined some of my herbs into a bigger pot, as a small herb garden. I cut back root systems, added compost to all the pots, reworked a lot of the plants and of course transplanted my pepper and tomato seedlings into pots to allow them to grow bigger. Hopefully soon it will be sunny and warm enough to start leaving the pots outside. After my baby girl arrives I will be tackling getting the gardens planted.
Well so that was our Earth Month, I hope yours was equally busy and fun. I leave you with a couple pictures from Easter and our Fossil Fair. For all of you at the GCDC, have a great time!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Made it to 34 Weeks: Prepping for Another Green Baby

Well here we are at 34 weeks. River Anne is kicking away happily inside of me right now at a hefty 6 lbs. We are all so ready for her to make her appearance. With that came our baby shower, which was a celebration of this miracle life that we were so sure one year ago would never happen. When we lost her sister Asya last March we never dreamt that a little over a year later we would be having a baby shower for a new baby about to be born. So with the baby shower came of course gifts as well as the things we ourselves have been buying her, or pulling out to reuse or upcycle from Bug. It has been so fun to prep for another Green baby.

One of the first things we had to do was wash and prep all her diapers. Some were leftover from Bug, some were gifts and some were hand me downs. We ended up with a lot of prefolds and covers that could use a bit of new life to make them a little bit nicer looking, so Bug and I decided to dye half of them light green and the other half pink.
So with that taken care of we pulled out Bug's old wooden storage table and cleaned it and put it back together and set that up in the nursery. We used leftovers from the baby shower as nursery decorations and washed and prepped all of Bug's old unisex clothes as well as the new girl clothes we received as gifts. We got everything sorted and put away. We have wooden letters that spell out her name to add to the decor but those are not ready yet. 
Last but not least are some of the ECO gifts we got from friends and family that I am very excited about. 
First of all we got some diapering gifts. We got a fleece diaper cover, a PUL diaper cover and, and a Doctor Who themed PUL pocket dipe, and then with some gift money I ordered 4 more PUL pockets.

Then we also received wool dryer balls, which will super come in handy for a family which doesn't use fabric softener. We used to make our own fabric softener but dryer balls are even better than that. Of course with summer almost here we will be hanging our dipes on the line.
Last but not last we ordered using gift money, Burts Bees baby bath stuff, a Mama's Milkies Milk Saver, and Coconut Oil. I am very excited about the milk saver as it will allow me to save all that good milk that comes out when you feed on one side that with Bug we just wasted. Anyway we actually got many more eco fun gifts but I have to run. I just wanted to share some of these fun and wonderfully useful things with you all.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Earth Month Is Here And It Brought With It The Sun

Winter began this year in October. By December we had record lows in the negatives, which is unusual for so early in the winter. Winter ended, well is ending, this week. It is almost the 3rd week of April already and here we are just now seeing the last of the snow melting. My whole side yard is still buried in the stuff. On Sat of last week we had a blizzard and temperatures in the 20's.
That being said though, this whole week the temperatures stayed around 55-65, and mostly the snow and ice have finally gone. Bug and I were finally able to pick up our yard and get the garden at least beginning to be prepped for this summer. It has been hard to think Green when all you see is White but it would seem spring is finally here.

I finally was able to get the windchimes back outside and even made a new wreath for the door from leftovers from the baby shower decor. Happy Spring Everyone.. think WARM!

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