Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Author, Musician, Ethnomusicologist

Ok so to be fair this is not a post on a product or company... so to speak, but on a book. Not a book about being green either so you may be wondering why I am writing about it. Well the author is extremely green and extremely awesome and a friend so I felt it needed promoting. 

The book is called "Our Daddy is an Ethnomusicologist" by Michael Balonek. You can buy it on Amazon.com. The book follows a narration by Micaiah and Samuel (Mike's two sons) talking about their Daddy's job and how they get to play and look at instruments from all around the world. So what is an ethnomusicologist. The book answers that too. It is a person who studies music all around the world and the cultures that go with the instruments. Think musician crossed with a anthropologist. All in all this cute little book is a nice addition to any child's library and at 6.99$ it is cheaper than most bargain bin books. So pick it up for Easter or just for a new springtime read. Bug loves it so much. It is his new favorite book, although to be fair it stars two of his friends so that is an added bonus.
 Here is Bug reading the book.

So get out there and buy it! I give it the Green Mommy thumbs up.

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