Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 3rd Annual Green Mommy Earth Day Garbage Walk

So I had not written about it much since I have been running ragged preparing for the GCDC and writing term papers and taking exams. BUT that being said yes we are having the 3rd annual Green Mommy Earth Day Garbage Walk. What this has been the last 2 years has been me and Bug (well just me the first year but Bug helped last year) walking around our town picking up litter on Earth Day. Here is my post from last year. Last year we got a 30 gallon bag full pretty early in our walk, so we spent some time enjoying the nice day and then went home. This year I called on all my readers and followers to do this in their own hometowns as well. I also may have a few people joining us for our walk this year. I am hoping by next year we can get it a bit more press and really have a blast with it. I will also be making Bug a t shirt for this too. Hope to see you guys for that too! :)

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