Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rogue Decals

If I told you to think of a green company and describe it, chances are you might not be thinking of a car decal company, yet Rogue Decals is just that. They are a locally owned and operated decal company that also works in tandem with many Green causes. They have fully supported the Great Cloth Diaper Change here in NNY, they work with a lot of WAHM diaper companies and is owned by the Hobkirk family who are supporters and practitioner  of cloth diapering, attachment parenting and breastfeeding. They also make a lot more than just car decals. They design logos for companies, they make wall art for kids rooms and best of all they design t shirts. They made t shirts for anyone who wanted one for the GCDC this April and only charged cost. They are involved in helping support all sorts of organizations and groups that help parents breastfeed and cloth diaper. They also designed my new Green Mommy logo which I will be revealing soon.

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