Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Live Homebirth Of Jessica from The Leaky Boob

So I am currently sitting watching a long with most of the worlds breastfeeding supportive Moms out there as our beloved blogess and courageous creator of The Leaky Boob gives birth live online in a homebirth. If you aren't watching this please do get on right now. Jessica is amazing and I so enjoy reading her blog and following her FB page. She has 5 children not counting the one about to be born, she has been breastfeeding for many many years. She is always promoting and supporting breastfeeding and breastfeeding Moms. The fact that she has the courage to do this is amazing. Kudos to you Jessica!!!

Update: welcome Arden Credence to the world. Her entrance was so fast I think most everyone missed it due to an ad loading at the exact same time... but alas still an amazing experience. Thank you Jessica.

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  1. I am so sad that I am missing this! I can't get it to load and everyone is talking about it!! >_< GAHHH


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