Sunday, April 1, 2012


Last year I did a post promoting SILK for producing all their products on wind power, and immediately retracted my promotion when I learned just how bad SOY is for you. While I stand by that SILK is so much more than Soymilk and yes is powered by wind. Silk offers many many healthy products like smoothies, protein shakes, coconut milk and almond milk. Here is what the company says about their use of wind power.
"Here's how it works: For every kilowatt hour of electricity we use in making our products, Silk purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from our green-power partner, Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Our investment helps support the development of new renewable energy resources, such as wind farms, throughout the United States. Over time, as the amount of available renewable energy in our national power grid increases, the demand for nonrenewable sources—like fossil fuels—will decline. The result: a cleaner, greener, more sustainable power supply for all of us. To date, our purchase of RECs represents the environmental equivalent of planting almost 35,000 acres of trees—or the equivalent of taking 23,000 cars off the road for an entire year. That's a whole lot of clean from a few little soybeans! Can soymilk help change the world? Just maybe." 
Our family recently switched from dairy milk to SILK Almond Milk. It is not only DELICIOUS but so healthy. Almond milk has 50% more calcium and couples it with Vitamin D. SILK Dark Chocolate Almond milk has only 120 calories per serving, and the Original has only 60 calories per serving. It also is full of antioxidants and vitamins. 
The best part is SILK Almond milk is NON GMO certified. :) So let's give SILK a Green Mommy Salute and pour a tasty glass of frothy almond milk.

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