Monday, September 27, 2010

The Great Debate- Circumcision

To cut or not to cut.... that is the question.
When we found out we were having a boy the first thing I asked my husband was "Should we circumcise him?" My husband was actually against it at first. He said he wished he hadn't been and he didn't want to do it to his son. I was actually for it. I said even if there is no medical reason it will look more 'normal'. We discussed and discussed. We didn't know who to talk to though because all our friends and family had had girls. We were alone.
So I did research. I found out that not only is there no medical reason in today's day and age but that the numbers of baby boys getting it done have fallen from 80% in the 70's to 60% in 2000 to 32% today. So actually what is more 'normal' is NOT having it done.
After our son was born we were still wavering. However in NY hospitals you are required to watch a video on the procedure before making the final decision. By the end of the video my husband and I were both sobbing and holding our newborn son. There was no way we would ever put him through that.
The decision is one every parent of a boy must make but in my opinion based on the advice of medical professionals and research that is is medically not needed, no longer the 'norm', and a brutal and sadistic procedure that alters the way your baby was created naturally. I often wonder what people would say if someone suggested that baby girls have there clitoris removed at birth... because in a way that is what you are doing to your son, removing a sensitive part of his penis and altering the way he will look for the rest of his life.
Our son is not circumcised and neither is my nephew and my cousin who is expecting a boy in February is also leaning towards not. In fact I don't think any of the baby boys I  know are circumcised. In my oppinion the trend towards not circumcising is a big step in the right direction.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Green Mommy Has Been Busy!

Well between school, my son's first birthday ( I can't believe he is already 1!!!), Farmer's Markets, knitting hats and plarn bags, jam making, and harvesting my herb garden I have been a very, very busy girl! I am sorry that the blog has taken a bag seat. So I will update you guys on what I have been up to in the world of green mommying. Unfortunately I was just too busy to be a part of the Sustainability Fair. It turned out to be the weekend after my son's birthday and between exams and other things I couldn't go. I think I will write them though, apologize and ask them to keep me in mind for next year. I am sure it was great though.
For Bug's birthday my mother i law and I took him to a local farm. He got to go on a hay ride, feed cows, learn about farm life, see baby piglets and calves, and buy locally grown produce. We had a blast!

We also have been spending every Saturday at the local Farmer's Market, where some days we only buy an apple but usually come home with lots of locally grown produce.

My plarn bag has also been put on the back burner but it is almost finished so I feel somewhat accomplished there. I did however buy 2 lbs of fresh picked Concord Grapes at the Farmer's Market yesterday and so today I whipped up about 3/4 pint of fresh Concord Grape Jelly. I also whipped up some old fashioned style apple sauce using molasses instead of sugar. Less sugar for my Bug.

So that's how we have been. So in the spirit of the Green Mommy I also have a few tips. As always I am continually promoting North Country Neighbors, as they are my life blood. What better way to shop local and reuse and recycle then buying at a giant flea market. My latest finds were a Nicole Miller bed set with a queen size comforter and a toy chest for Bug. 

We also found a used furniture store which in addition to having everything, and great prices, they take Bear Express (campus money) and have layaway! It was an amazing adventure. The name of the store is "It'll Do Furniture". I would absolutely recommend going. Save a tree.. and buy used furniture!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I wouldn't be a Green Mommy without first becoming a Mommy

So this has always been a special time of year for me. The leaves change, apples fall, harvests are brought in, kids go back to school. On top of all that though I was born this time of year many moons ago. In fact my birthday is this coming Saturday. So since I was a little girl September always meant celebrations and presents and cake and fun. It is almost always sunny and warm and there is always crunchy leaves under foot.
However last year on my birthday I was 40 weeks pregnant. My due date was my birthday. I spent the day with friends hoping that I would go into labor that day. I didn't. I did however end up in the hospital that night because my husband had an infected tooth. So of course when we went in the doctors thought we were there for me and tried to whisk us off to maternity. That night (my birthday) started our 4 day journey to our son's birth. We came home from the hospital and spent that Sat and Sun getting prescriptions and dentist appt for my husband. He had  to stay home from work on Doctor's orders. Monday morning I went in for one last ultrasound. They called me afterwards and told us to call into work and come to their offices. The dreaded C word was not only brought up but told that it was really our only option. Our son was too big.
So we went in, talked to the doctor and figured out that we would be going to the hospital the next morning at 5 AM.
So Tuesday the 22nd our son was delivered by c-section at 8:17 AM. So 1 week from today will be his 1st birthday. I can not believe that he is almost 1 year old. I am just utterly blown away with how fast this year went. He is my everything. My inspiration and my life. I just simply adore him! Happy almost birthday my little man!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Thoughts On Campus

Sorry the Green Mommy hasn't posted lately but I have been on Campus back in school. Being back in school is equivalent to being smashed in the head with a hammer if you actually listen to conversations around you. Rather than getting annoyed though I smile at their ignorance, remember they are on average almost 10 years younger than I am and laugh it off.
On a Green note though I was very pleased to see several attempts to promote Greener living right here on Campus. First of all the bookstore issued a new policy. They distributed free cloth reusable bags that zip into themselves forming a small wallet sized pouch that is easy to carry. Further more if you bring them back each time you shop, you receive 5% off your total. Also I have seen a surplus of bike racks. The amount has risen form on every two or three buildings to one on every side of every building. My bike has never had it so good! They also are making a concerted effort to go paper free. Several of my professors even emailed me the syllabus. Lastly they sell really nice reusable waterbottles and coffee mugs, which you can have filled at any eatery just as you would a disposable cup. So go you SUNY!!!

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