Monday, May 24, 2010

It's been awhile

Well the Green Mommy has been pretty busy lately... finishing up a semester at school. Now that it is over I have much more time to spend with my little guy and enjoy what is now an incredibly green North Country. I want to start posting some pictures of the serenely beautiful area I live in.
First though I would like to mention that I am thinking about starting to compost. I just need a bin to use. I am actually very excited about it since it not only will help reduce waste but cut costs. We pay 1.10$ for every bag of garbage we put out to be taken. I will keep you guys updated on how that goes.
Secondly I finally converted us to cloth wipes. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I use the multipacks of Gerber baby washcloths. They are really cheap. A five pack is about the price of a package of disposable wipes. I bought about 15 and already had some from when Aleks was really little. Then you fold them in half and lay them all one on top of each other into a plastic bag or an empty wipes container (that's what we used). Then you mix a mixture of 1 part baby wash, 1 part baby oil and 3 parts water and pour that over the cloths just until damp. Then just use them as needed. They can be thrown right in the wash with the diapers.
Here is a picture of ours.

And here are a few pictures of this beautiful area.

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