Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All Natural Made at Home Orange Kitchen Cleaner

So as always Pinterest is full of good ideas.. a lot of which I love to test out for myself. One of these was using orange peels and white vinegar for kitchen and household cleaner. I tend not to use vinegar as a cleaner because it is smelly so I stick to baking soda in soapy dishwater. However this recipe seemed to awesome to not try. You take household white vinegar and used orange peels from all the oranges your kid eats over the week. I saved mine in a glass container with a sealed lid. Just add vinegar when you have the peels from at least two good sized oranges or 3-4 from small ones. Fill the container with the vinegar and let sit for about 1 week.
Here was mine.

So then after one week open it up. You will notice almost immediately that it no longer smells like vinegar.. instead it is a clear almost strong odor of oranges. Now to use it you are going to want about 1/3 cleaner to 2/3 water. I split mine between two spray bottles. 

 I filled them to the top with water and started spraying it around the kitchen to clean.
This was my stove before and after.

All in all I am sold! I will be making and using this cleaner from now on. 

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