Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Garb or Not To Garb

So if you have been wondering where I have been I have been a busy little bee. In addition to tending my gardens and finishing projects for customers and friends and finding a job (yes I am employed now yay), I have been getting all the garb ready for this weekend's Renn Faire. I made two kilts (well one I made last year) size 5/6 boys, 1 chemise size 12-24 mos for a little girl. One apron dress same size. Hemmed and took in an adult woman's over dress. Made two children's cloaks. Fixed hemmed and mended most of the rest of the garb and may be making a man's kilt tomorrow. It has been a crazy week. I will post a few pics though.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dirt For Dinner?

So did anyone ever hear "dirt is good for you" or "you eat a peck of dirt before you die". I don't actually know how much a peck is but in today's world we are very removed from the dirt in which our food grows. Your strawberries will taste more like pesticides then the dirt that once gave them life. So why do we surround ourselves with steam mops, antibacterial gel, takes showers twice a day and never ever play in the mud? What is that doing to us as a species? I have read study after study in the last few years that suggests that not only is dirt important, but that without the microorganisms living in it we are killing ourselves.

The first study was a radio interview on NPR that I heard a few years ago which said that modern day allergies are growing out of control. We are being crippled by our autoimmune responses and that the answer to this was a little worm that once co evolved with us. Hookworm. according to this study, purposely infecting yourself with a small amount of hookworm will turn around even the worst case of allergies without drugs or shots. The scientist who was behind this break through had done his own research after hearing the theory by infecting himself. He said that he had been a long time sufferer of allergies and asthma and that hookworm cured him of both.
The second study was on how the microbes in soil will actually make you happy. Gardening offers the reward of good food, hard work, and excercise but one study says it can actuially cause joy. Mycobacterium vaccae is the name of a microorganism, a bacteria, that causes higher levels of serotonin and lowers anxiety. If you ever wondered why you feel so joyful and relaxed in your garden you can thank that little bacteria which is often inhaled while you are gardening. I know gardening makes me joyful.

The last study was one I read today was in the NY Times. This study said that we evolved to co exist with these and even need such things in a symbiotic relationship and that the killing off and voiding out of such organisms from our day to day life has created new and scarier man made diseases. Asthma, allergies, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases. The study had this to say, "Autoimmune disease affects an estimated 50 million people at an annual cost of more than $100 billion. And the suffering and monetary costs are sure to grow. Maybe it’s time we talk more about human ecology when we speak of the broader environmental and ecological concerns of the day. The destruction of our inner ecosystem surely deserves more attention as global populations run gut-first into the buzz saw of globalization and its microbial scrubbing diet. But more important, we should seriously consider making evolutionary biology a basic science for medicine, or making its core principles compulsory in secondary education. Currently they are not." (NY Times Article) Evolution is a fact and ignoring the evolution of our own bodies and how we got to where we are if silly. We have only been like this for such a short time.. what 150 years? At the most. We were evolving for the last 2 million. As a biologist I have spent years studying the effect microorganism and symbiotic creatures have on our ecosystem. Yet we always forget the ecosystem that is the human body. So be green get outside and play in the dirt... it will make you healthier, happier and all around better off.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More On My Continually Evolving Garden and Porch

So yesterday I decided that my porch and garden were not finished. I had bought the paint needed to finish the steps, but even when I was done with that it seemed unfinished. So I went through our other paints we had and found a little purple and a little of the blue left over from Bug's nursery. I thought given the white on the porch and the pale green on the door and garden stool, that pale purple and blue would compliment it nicely. So I split up the herb and strawberry pots into two piles of 7. I then painted one set blue and the other set purple. I then set them up blue, purple, blue, purple to create a nice pattern. In the end it looked like this.

All in all I am very pleased with how it turned out. I think it looks pretty nice if I do say so myself. 

Summer Fun!

So I decided that since summer is officially here that I would compile a post about the joys of summer and how to stay green in the green.
First of all is Bugspray. Last year I did a post on which commercial bugsprays worked best and were the most green. This year in my research I have found a few different at home recipes for bug spray. They all have one thing in common. They use witch hazel for a base, which now is available in most drugstores and family dollar stores. I bought a bunch and plan to make this asap. The consensus seems to be a mixture of 1:1 equal parts witch hazel and boiled water. Then you add in 30-50 drops of whichever essential oil you would like to use. The best choices are usually citronella, lavender, rosemary or clove. So this will make a good amount of bugspray which is safe to spray around or on yourself and even kids and pets.

Next on my list is a recipe I found on pinterest. It is for getting that sun kissed beach sea air tresses look without ever stepping foot at the sea shore. This recipe is a tsp of hair gel, a tsp of sea salt, a tsp of coconut oil, 8 ounces of warm water. Mix in a spray bottle and spray liberally on damp hair and scrunch. Perfect sea breeze blown hair. Who doesn't want that look?

Next up is ways to keep your garden looking green without your water bill going up, up, up or wasting water. One is of course rain barrels. Placed under a run off or a corner this will collect lots of rain water. Another great tip though is to use a bucket under your sink. You simply open up the drain pipes under your sink so that used water will empty into the buckets. Then use that water to water your plants.

Next up is a way to go green at your next picnic. Try buying plastic camping or picnic plates and cups that can be reused and rewashed instead of going disposable. One way to easily bring them along is to get or make a picnic basket to bring with you on outings. Cutting disposables anywhere you can will save you money as well as help save this planet of ours.

So get out there and enjoy summer and remember no sunscreen is as safe as a hat so always remember to bring yours. Hugs!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Ever Guest Post: Using Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy

The following is a guest blog post from Katie Moore. Katie is an active blogger who discusses the topics of, motherhood, children, fitness, health and all other things Mommy. She enjoys writing, blogging, and meeting new people! To connect with Katie contact her via her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter, @moorekm26.

Many pregnant women want to provide the best possible environment for their growing baby. Pregnancy usually turns on the mothering instinct almost instantly, causing moms-to-be to think about giving their babies a positive start in life. In preparation for a positive start to their baby’s life, a mother should explore all options available to her; for labor there are many pain management options, like breathing techniques and medicinal choices. For post-delivery, there are alternative procedures to consider like umbilical cord blood banking and circumcision.

Preparing for labor also includes the habits followed during the entire term. Diet and exercise play a paramount role in both mother and baby’s health. To supplement the ordinary measures taken by pregnant mothers, there are many herbs that are safe and effective for relieving some of the aches and pains of pregnancy, helping the baby's development, or encouraging a new mother's milk supply.

Some women drink herbs in the form of tea, others take supplements, while some prefer to eat them in their natural states. Most of the herbs are available at health food stores, but before taking any type of herb during pregnancy it’s always important for a woman to talk with her doctor.

Raspberry Leaf

Drink raspberry leaf tea throughout the pregnancy to strengthen the uterine muscles to prepare for birth. Raspberry leaves contain calcium and magnesium, which can also relieve leg cramps during pregnancy. When taken after birth, it can help to increase milk supply, and it will slow bleeding and help the uterus regain its shape.


Nettle leaves are high in folic acid, calcium, and iron - all-important nutrients during pregnancy. It helps to strengthen the kidneys, and prevents fluid retention. Nettle is also an herb that will increase a woman's supply of breast milk. Drink it as a tea, prepare it as a side dish similar to spinach, or bake it into lasagna or another casserole.


Oat cereal or oatmeal help nourish the nervous system, which can help pregnant women sleep better. Oats are high in fiber, which can help with constipation issues. If pregnant women prefer a tea, they can drink oat straw tea to gain the benefits. An oat bath can provide a soothing oasis for a pregnant woman, while relieving any itching associated with a growing belly.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root tea will also relieve constipation. It works to cleanse the liver, which breaks down toxins in the body, including any pain medications given during birth. It also contains calcium, Vitamin A, iron, and potassium. Drink it as a tea, or toss it into a salad with other greens.


Alfalfa has roots that reach deep, resulting in high levels of Vitamin K, chlorophyll, and trace minerals. It is often recommended during the last trimester of pregnancy, to help with clotting after birth. It also ensures a good milk supply.

An expecting mother pours so much care into her pregnancy to ensure a viable pregnancy and delivery. Adding herbs to a pregnancy plan is just another wholesome and natural way to help facilitate a healthy start to life for her baby.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Garden Update/Pickling Fun

So in the last few days the garden has exploded. 
Our tomatoes have blossoms galore
The cucumbers have baby cucumbers on them
The squash is covered in blooms
The marigolds are blooming
The sunflowers are almost as tall as me
The corn is about shoulder height on me
The dill is seeding
The carrots have been half eaten (by Bug)
The strawberries are producing about 6-12 berries every 2 days
 All the rest of the herbs are in full production.
 Everything is lush and green and yummy!!! 
Today we planted the pumpkin patch
and used our compost to fill in our old stump in the yard 
(the one that became a butternut squash patch last year.)
 This year I planted more marigolds in it. They should be blooming soon. 
All in all the garden is doing amazing!

As for the pickling fun, the other day I used up some green beans, asparagus, yellow squash and cucumbers that were bought fresh this week from the Farmer's Market and grocery store, by making a huge batch of dilly beans, and garlic dill pickles. I used my fresh picked dill and chives, basil and onions to add to the brine. 
Dilly Beans
Cucumber Dills
Yellow Squash Pickles
Asparagus Dills

Bug and I already broke into them and the yellow squash pickles were delicious. They are by far my favorite pickles so far. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

1960's Attachment Parenting

Found this video this morning. It was posted in a Mommy group I am in. This is truly an interesting watch. Leave it to Canada to realize these things 40 years before Americans did. i found this video just fascinating. Thoughts?

Recycling/Renewing Old Makeup

So in keeping with the requests for more fashion and beauty product posts I give you my latest experiment. I recently got a new tablet and with that got a 14 day subscription to as many magazines as I would like to try so after I ran out of ones about crocheting, knitting, parenting, DIY, and gardening, and then science, animals, and politics... I was left with what was left which was things like Cosmo, People, Elle... the dreaded evil fashion rags. The magazine's which tell you horrible things and then compare your life to those of the celebs and expect you to somehow care. Now stepping off the one thing I did learn though was as a woman over 25 I should never be leaving the house without makeup on because even if I don't need it which I was assured I do because I am OLLLLLD, I need the UVA/B protection of the sunscreen inside. Now that is provided you own makeup that has sunscreen in it.. which I do not. 90% of my makeup was bought for me... most of it is dollar store junk.. and none of it I wear. Except for like three things, my Burts Bees lips glosses and chapsticks, my Ecotools lotions, and my minerals hypoallergenic powder. So I got to thinking.. how can I turn countless half used or barely used powders, cover ups and foundations into one liquid makeup, with sunscreen and lotion already in it so that literally all I would have to do to look fabulous every morning would be to wake up, wash face, apply this product like lotion and maybe add some lip gloss and head out and about... protected from sun and moisturized. So I decided to do just that.. make my own.
So I gathered up all my random face makeups, cover ups, powders and foundations. (I found more after I took this pic.. so I had even more.)

Next I crushed them all up in a bowl and added the sunscreen. I just used some SPF 50 sunscreen to be extra safe. I added enough to make it a thick creamy consistency.

I then poured this mixture into a bottle of Ecotools lotion that was 1/3 full and shook.. and shook and shook. After it was all done shaking it was a thin creamy consistency and a pale nude color. It basically filled the bottle leaving me with about an entire lotion sized bottle full of this makeup.

So the final test was wearing it. I took two pictures of my face. One with the makeup and one without. Neither has been retouched or changed.
Here is the one without and keep in mind I don't normally post picks so openly so be kind.

And here is the one with the makeup.

All in all this turned out to be a great way to 1. simplify the makeup that I as a nearing 30 yr old woman SHOULD be wearing, making it simple and easy enough that even I would use it. 2. Recycle old makeup instead of throwing it out. and 3. create a simple and easy way for me to protect my skin everyday.
I am going to try more of these types of things over the next few weeks.. I used to make a lot of my own bath salts and aloe lotions and soaps... I am going to try to do more of this. Feel free to try this in your own bathroom. It is really easy! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Green Mommy Green Pasta

So as I promised I perfected a 100% from me recipe today. I did not (to my knowledge) work from or take any known recipe. Though I am sure something like this already exists.. for me this was 100% out of my head. So without further ado I give you "Green Mommy Green Pasta".

As also promised here is the recipe, though please give me credit if you re-post it anywhere.
1 whole ripe avocado
about half a cup of plain yogurt (or Greek yogurt) enough to blend the avocado into a smooth sauce
one tablespoon olive oil
1-3 sprigs of fresh picked cilantro
the juice of about 1/4 large lemon or 1/2 medium lemon
1 small yellow squash sliced very thin
pasta of your choice cooked how you like

Peel and cut up the avocado into a bowl. Add yogurt. Stir. In a saucepan add olive oil and heat slowly. Add thinly sliced yellow squash to the oil in the pan. when lightly sauteed add the avocado mixture, cilantro and lemon juice. heat but don't boil. pour into the pasta, stir and salt and pepper to taste. It makes what is truly a wonderful summer pasta dish, both hot or cold.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Farmer's Market in Full Swing!

So yesterday was Saturday and Saturday at the Green Mommy House means two things, church and of course THE FARMER'S MARKET! Right now we actually are saving money by going to the Farmer's Market because of deals and offers they are doing. We tend to spend at least 3 Saturdays a month there. So yesterday morning we were there bright and early and Bug shouted his usual greeting of "Hello Farmer's Market I am BUG!"

We ended up finding fresh picked rhubarb, strawberries, swiss chard and asparagus. We also bought a locally raised and killed farm fresh whole chicken. We spent the grand total of 14$.
So with our yummy finds I whipped together a swisschard pasta dish and strawberry rhubarb crisp. 

All in all we had a great day and our bellies were filled with yummy locally grown, mostly organic home cooked foods.

Nearing 10,000 Views/ Introducing Mother Earthlings

So this blog has been going now for what will be 3 yrs in November. In that time we have gotten so many fans, and helped so many people and now we are quickly approaching 10,000 views. I have seen such a steady growth of readership and it warms my heart knowing so many people love what I have to say. I would love to see that number double in the next year. Let's get it to 20,000 or 30,000. You are all just amazing.

So on another subject, one of my favorite Green Mommies, my cousin Sara, who I write about so often I finally just gave her a tag (so now you can type Sara in and bring up posts about her), just started her own page on FB called Mother Earthlings. You can find it at She is going to try and start distributing Alvababy cloth diapers and together we are still going to try and teach local daycares about cloth and how to use it. I have seen her go from a 100% disposable Mom to an organic gardening, composting, cloth diapering, recycling super Green Mommy! She has come so far. Some of the newest things she has been working on are glass sippy cups using canning jars.
So with one sippy top you can have a pretty infinite amount of glass sippy cups that are reusable totally BPA free and also usable as canning jars. I know this is one area we could use help in because we have a tendency to let kiddo buy those Disney plastic juice bottles, but to our credit we do rewash and reuse them.
So check out Sara's new venture and also let's see these numbers keep going up and up and up :) Love to all my Green Mommies!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Garden Project: Fairy Twinkle Lights

So my garden project has been being documented over the course of the season, from the first seeds Bug and I started to now. Well after a lot of work, a lot of paint and a lot of love my project has come to life. I decided this year to not just revamp what was my tiny garden last year into the seriously huge one this year but I also rebuilt and painted my porch, added my twinkle tealights and revamped everything. It looks amazing if I do say so myself. I painted the porch white, the garden stool and the front door a pale green. I rehung the signs, placed the candles, animals and the gnomes.

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