Saturday, August 1, 2015

Breastfeeding Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago I finally after months of planning and hoping and dreaming got to do a breastfeeding photoshoot. My friend Heather who is a photographer did one for me. Neither one of us really knew how it would go or what to expect but the pictures turned out gorgeous. Not just a little gorgeous either. She did a really great job. They also came just in time for World Breastfeeding Week!!!
So here are a few of my favorites from the shoot. I think they are beautiful! If you would like to see more of her work or book her you can find her at Heather Liebfred Photography.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!!

It's August 1st! World Breastfeeding Week Begins!

Well it's that time of year again!!!! The Summer is drawing to a close.. school shopping is beginning and we are trying to cram the last adventures of summer into our days. Best of all though it is World Breastfeeding Week.
This year me and my kids were proud to attend 2 Big Latch On events as well as a Breastfeeding Awareness Walk. It was so wonderful and empowering! Being there with so many women all together feeding their children in this wonderfully natural way was so amazing. I find though that a picture is worth 1000 words so without further ado here are pictures of our events.

Here we are the three of us by the fountain in the park... getting ready to Latch On!

Latch Time!

Here is Aleks adding to the reasons why we love Breastfeeding!

A lot of great reasons! 
Bug's was "Breastfeeding helps Babies STOP crying" 
(only a big brother would come up with that

Last but not least here we are on the Awareness Walk.

I have more pics from the event as well as the one today. I will be posting more as soon as I can. All in all going to these events was a great way to start the week off right! We have made it 14 months... who knows maybe we can make it another 14!

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Diaper Revolution

So this post has been in the works for a while. Unfortunately life has been a bit crazy the last few weeks, between gardening, work, kids, and well Summer Living, I just kept putting it off, but it really is important to me so here it goes!
A friend of mine, the owner of Coopadilly Creations came up with a completely new diaper design that combines the ease of an all in 1 with the washing and drying ease of a pocket diaper. She also was the inventor and creator of the "Knotty Bum" diaper cover, which I got to name! I don't know if these have a name yet but maybe I can offer some suggestions.
So this as yet unnamed diaper is not out for sale yet but will be available most likely in the Fall, at It was however available for testing and evaluation, so when she offered me one, I jumped at the chance to try something new.
So without further ado... the hybrid diaper that has stolen my heart.

First of all it has this adorable rainbow chevron print! The bright colors and chevron had me hooked from the beginning. It is PUL so it is waterproof like a pocket diaper. How it works is that it has a liner that actually folds out for faster washing and drying. 

It also leaves a large opening on the sides though so if you wanted to add a liner, like a pocket. This would be good for heavy overnight wetters.  The opening also allows for quicker and easier washing and drying. 

So when you have your washed and dried diaper you simply fold in the sides like so and put it on your baby.

So here are my overall thoughts. My toddler wore this a minimum of 5 times before I would write this post. Overall I found this diaper ridiculously easy to use, super easy to wash, quick drying, and very absorbent, with no leaks. If I had any complaints at all it would be that it's velcro and not snaps, but the full strip of velcro on the waist did really help sizing. Honestly Coopadilly Creations is really onto something with this diaper. If I had it to do over, I might buy all this style for my diaper stash. So head over to Coopadilly Creations for this one of a kind revolutionary diaper.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Baby Coon Designs

I know I have mentioned my favorite WAHM designer before but I don't think I have ever actually done a post just about her. A local artist, she creates children's clothing and diapers and has made many things for me and my kids. She mostly makes geeky themed clothes and diapers, a lot of her prints are Harry Potter, Firefly, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and other geek themed things.
River has two dresses made by BabyCoon Designs. One is a long sleeved "My Little Dalek" dress that is sooo beautiful. Her other one is a Miyazaki Anime one. They are both just sooo cute! I love them!

She also has two of her diapers a PUL Doctor Who Pocket dipe and a Halloween print fitted diaper. I love them both. Her diapers never leak and are sooo cute! Well made is an understatement.

Last but certainly not least she made me some breastpads and two lovie blankie/teethers, one for SB and one for my best friend's baby. Her lovies are made with a wooden ring for teething and are so beautifully made. Can you tell I have a favorite print? Yes Sweet Baby has a lovie to match her Dalek dress and I have matching breastpads. 

You can find Baby Coon Designs at her Etsy Store, and on FB. You should check her out, she is amazing!

First Farmer's Market Trip of the New Year

So last Sat me and my kiddos headed off to the Farmer's Market for the first time of the year. For those of you who do not know we had a rough month last month. We lost our beloved dog of 7 years in a very tragic manner, and then a few weekends later was Sweet Baby's 1st birthday and on the day of her bday party my best friend was giving birth to her baby girl and without going into details I will just say there were pretty scary complications.

So last weekend was the first weekend that we actually could take a few hours and enjoy some of the wonderful Farmer's Market. So we loaded up the little red wagon and headed off. Already this early in the season there were herbs, seedlings, baked goods, spinach, kale, and all sorts of other yummy things. We walked away with honey, baked bread, spinach and kale. It was SB's first time since her birthday and it was so different to take her now instead of as a nb baby.
The kids had such a blast!!!! So today we are going to head back for our second time this year! I can't wait!

Friday, May 29, 2015

To My Daughter on Her Birthday

To My Daughter on your First Birthday: There are only 15 minutes left of this day and you are already sound asleep. Tomorrow is your party so we didn't really do as much today. Still I hope you had a fun day and I hope tomorrow is magical for you. I never thought I would have a daughter. Actually I thought I would only have daughters until the ultrasound for your brother... then having a son was so much more amazing than I thought and I got used to the idea of only boys. When we lost your sister.. that idea was solidified in my heart and head. I never let myself truly hope that i would someday have a little girl. Then there was you. That ultrasound that changed my life forever. There it was.. my tiny baby girl. Still though until one year ago today when they pulled you out I still was nervous we would lose you. Yet there you were, tiny, but strong and fierce. My Rainbow Baby! You had so much heart and personality right out of the womb. I spent the first few weeks with you as in awe and disbelieving as I had been when I first became a mother, because in some ways ... after 5 years it was like becoming a Mom for the first time all over again. Your brother was so vulnerable and innocent as a baby but the last year with you has been a roller coaster. You are so wild and strong and thick headed. You think and figure out everything. You have a funny side but you are guarded and only select people get you see your warm side. You are fiercely loyal to those you love and make everyone work for your smiles and affection, and yet you are a bundle of giggles most of the time when people get to know you. You are so girlie and yet so not. You love dragons and trucks and cars, and balls... as long as they are purple and glittery. You say kitty, dada, mama, duhduh (brother), doggy, this, yes, up, go, and many other words. You use signs to say words you don't know yet and you are so smart. I am just in awe of you daily. To say you have changed my life is such an understatement. Everything with you has been an adventure, different in every way from your brother. Even breastfeeding was different. At first it was more difficult with you but we persevered and we have made it to 12 months! I am so proud of making that goal with you. I am so looking forward to the next year with you. The last one was simply amazing. I love you more than words can say my SWEET SWEET BABY!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

CAPE (Cornwall Area Pop Event)

So last weekend my kids and I attended a mini Comic Con called CAPE in Cornwall Ontario. I wasn't sure what to expect because this was the first Comic Con like thing that  we had gone to. I knew it wasn't going to be as big as the Ottawa Comic Con but I hoped it would be fun.

Well our day began with a Captain America /Rainbow Dash kid and a My Little Dalek  and Doctor Who diaper clad baby girl. We gave her her dress we bought for her birthday from Baby Coon Designs a month early so she could wear it to CAPE. Here we are in line.

So when we got there I was overwhelmed. CAPE was amazing! We got to see so many things and do so much! It was utterly amazing! But since a picture is worth 1000 words here are some more pictures!

I am going to do a separate write up on all the vendors and fun merch we bought but I thought just showing off our fun pics would be nice too. We just wanted to thank all the celebs and cosplayers. We also got to see Mike and Ming from Comic Book Men. I don't have any pics of them because I was geeking out too hard. They did however make a video for Hubby who couldn't be there, which I thought was the sweetest and nicest thing ever. They really were just truly nice guys! So there you have it! Our first truly geeky event!

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