Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Local Thrift Finds at the "Kids Closet"

I have written a few posts about the local used children's clothing and toy store. I love this place. The owners are great and I never leave empty handed. I will never understand why some people refuse to buy used or recycle when it comes to kids. I could see if you wanted to buy new for yourself because you may wear/use that item for years... but a child will maybe use/wear something for a few months and that is if you are lucky.
Recently our Bug has outgrown everything he owns... again! He is now between a 3t and 4t in most things. He can still fit into some 2t clothes but only certain brands. At 16 months we just never imagined he would be so big. So after packing away all but a handful of his pajamas I decided we needed to take a trip there. The first thing I saw as we walked in was a huge bag of barely used MEGAblocks and wooden Alphabet blocks. Bug saw them too! We had been wanting to get him some for a while but even a small set can be pricey. I asked the owner how much and she said "4$". 4$ for a whole bag of barely used MEGAblocks! We then turned our eyes to the clothing and shoes and found 3 nice shirts, 1 handsome sweater, 3 pairs of pajamas and a almost brand new pair of sneakers that light up. All for less than 30$. As we were leaving the owner said she had set aside a book for Bug about dinosaurs because she knew he would like it. It was so sweet. She gave it to us free of charge.
Here are our finds!

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