Sunday, June 3, 2012

Re-purposing Cribs After Baby Grows Out of Them

So there are often times where a fellow Green Mommy inspires me to get off my behind and do something creative. Recently my cousin rebuilt part of her porch with parts of her old crib. She use the sides and the headboard to rebuild the porch and make a gate. The footboard she used to make a gate for her fence.

It looked so adorable it made me want to finally fix our porch. Our porch has never been the greatest and has already had one overhaul when we first moved in here. My Father in law rebuilt the steps which were literally falling apart. That was in May of 2007.
In January of 2008 a massive windstorm tore down part of a huge dead tree that was in our yard and it crashed through our porch. So we have not had a railing since. So I finally decided to use one of the sides of Bug's old crib to rebuild it. It isn't painted yet but it is really nice even without it. The headboard I have left I am going to use to make a garden arch. I had to cut it down to size with a hand saw and then used brackets to secure it in place.

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