Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beyond The Sling

So I the Green Mommy am finally reading Mayim Bialik's book "Beyond the Sling". I Have been meaning to read it for awhile now but have been so busy with so many things. So I finally decided I was going to read it and a friend asked me if I wanted to borrow her copy. So I am reading it now  and I plan to post as I go with comments and thoughts.
My thoughts so far are on the very first paragraph. In this she addresses the idea of "we can do better". Attachment parents hate to present their way of parenting as better or best but it is on a level that is much more hands on and based on what is the best for the child. Not many people will out and out say AP is the best way but I personally feel it is. Just seeing that first paragraph already has me hooked. I feel this book will hopefully show the world a better way to parent.

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