Sunday, June 10, 2012

Farmer's Market in Full Swing!

So yesterday was Saturday and Saturday at the Green Mommy House means two things, church and of course THE FARMER'S MARKET! Right now we actually are saving money by going to the Farmer's Market because of deals and offers they are doing. We tend to spend at least 3 Saturdays a month there. So yesterday morning we were there bright and early and Bug shouted his usual greeting of "Hello Farmer's Market I am BUG!"

We ended up finding fresh picked rhubarb, strawberries, swiss chard and asparagus. We also bought a locally raised and killed farm fresh whole chicken. We spent the grand total of 14$.
So with our yummy finds I whipped together a swisschard pasta dish and strawberry rhubarb crisp. 

All in all we had a great day and our bellies were filled with yummy locally grown, mostly organic home cooked foods.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog! Glad you enjoy the farmers market!! We love our customers!!!


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