Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recycling/Renewing Old Makeup

So in keeping with the requests for more fashion and beauty product posts I give you my latest experiment. I recently got a new tablet and with that got a 14 day subscription to as many magazines as I would like to try so after I ran out of ones about crocheting, knitting, parenting, DIY, and gardening, and then science, animals, and politics... I was left with what was left which was things like Cosmo, People, Elle... the dreaded evil fashion rags. The magazine's which tell you horrible things and then compare your life to those of the celebs and expect you to somehow care. Now stepping off the one thing I did learn though was as a woman over 25 I should never be leaving the house without makeup on because even if I don't need it which I was assured I do because I am OLLLLLD, I need the UVA/B protection of the sunscreen inside. Now that is provided you own makeup that has sunscreen in it.. which I do not. 90% of my makeup was bought for me... most of it is dollar store junk.. and none of it I wear. Except for like three things, my Burts Bees lips glosses and chapsticks, my Ecotools lotions, and my minerals hypoallergenic powder. So I got to thinking.. how can I turn countless half used or barely used powders, cover ups and foundations into one liquid makeup, with sunscreen and lotion already in it so that literally all I would have to do to look fabulous every morning would be to wake up, wash face, apply this product like lotion and maybe add some lip gloss and head out and about... protected from sun and moisturized. So I decided to do just that.. make my own.
So I gathered up all my random face makeups, cover ups, powders and foundations. (I found more after I took this pic.. so I had even more.)

Next I crushed them all up in a bowl and added the sunscreen. I just used some SPF 50 sunscreen to be extra safe. I added enough to make it a thick creamy consistency.

I then poured this mixture into a bottle of Ecotools lotion that was 1/3 full and shook.. and shook and shook. After it was all done shaking it was a thin creamy consistency and a pale nude color. It basically filled the bottle leaving me with about an entire lotion sized bottle full of this makeup.

So the final test was wearing it. I took two pictures of my face. One with the makeup and one without. Neither has been retouched or changed.
Here is the one without and keep in mind I don't normally post picks so openly so be kind.

And here is the one with the makeup.

All in all this turned out to be a great way to 1. simplify the makeup that I as a nearing 30 yr old woman SHOULD be wearing, making it simple and easy enough that even I would use it. 2. Recycle old makeup instead of throwing it out. and 3. create a simple and easy way for me to protect my skin everyday.
I am going to try more of these types of things over the next few weeks.. I used to make a lot of my own bath salts and aloe lotions and soaps... I am going to try to do more of this. Feel free to try this in your own bathroom. It is really easy! :)


  1. You're gorgeous and you look great. I don't wear make up that often because it's a pain the the *ss. LOL I never thought about mixing it all in one!

    1. Aww thank you. I was almost giddy at the idea of making makeup that much easier everyday.


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