Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Fun!

So I decided that since summer is officially here that I would compile a post about the joys of summer and how to stay green in the green.
First of all is Bugspray. Last year I did a post on which commercial bugsprays worked best and were the most green. This year in my research I have found a few different at home recipes for bug spray. They all have one thing in common. They use witch hazel for a base, which now is available in most drugstores and family dollar stores. I bought a bunch and plan to make this asap. The consensus seems to be a mixture of 1:1 equal parts witch hazel and boiled water. Then you add in 30-50 drops of whichever essential oil you would like to use. The best choices are usually citronella, lavender, rosemary or clove. So this will make a good amount of bugspray which is safe to spray around or on yourself and even kids and pets.

Next on my list is a recipe I found on pinterest. It is for getting that sun kissed beach sea air tresses look without ever stepping foot at the sea shore. This recipe is a tsp of hair gel, a tsp of sea salt, a tsp of coconut oil, 8 ounces of warm water. Mix in a spray bottle and spray liberally on damp hair and scrunch. Perfect sea breeze blown hair. Who doesn't want that look?

Next up is ways to keep your garden looking green without your water bill going up, up, up or wasting water. One is of course rain barrels. Placed under a run off or a corner this will collect lots of rain water. Another great tip though is to use a bucket under your sink. You simply open up the drain pipes under your sink so that used water will empty into the buckets. Then use that water to water your plants.

Next up is a way to go green at your next picnic. Try buying plastic camping or picnic plates and cups that can be reused and rewashed instead of going disposable. One way to easily bring them along is to get or make a picnic basket to bring with you on outings. Cutting disposables anywhere you can will save you money as well as help save this planet of ours.

So get out there and enjoy summer and remember no sunscreen is as safe as a hat so always remember to bring yours. Hugs!

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