Friday, June 15, 2012

Garden Update/Pickling Fun

So in the last few days the garden has exploded. 
Our tomatoes have blossoms galore
The cucumbers have baby cucumbers on them
The squash is covered in blooms
The marigolds are blooming
The sunflowers are almost as tall as me
The corn is about shoulder height on me
The dill is seeding
The carrots have been half eaten (by Bug)
The strawberries are producing about 6-12 berries every 2 days
 All the rest of the herbs are in full production.
 Everything is lush and green and yummy!!! 
Today we planted the pumpkin patch
and used our compost to fill in our old stump in the yard 
(the one that became a butternut squash patch last year.)
 This year I planted more marigolds in it. They should be blooming soon. 
All in all the garden is doing amazing!

As for the pickling fun, the other day I used up some green beans, asparagus, yellow squash and cucumbers that were bought fresh this week from the Farmer's Market and grocery store, by making a huge batch of dilly beans, and garlic dill pickles. I used my fresh picked dill and chives, basil and onions to add to the brine. 
Dilly Beans
Cucumber Dills
Yellow Squash Pickles
Asparagus Dills

Bug and I already broke into them and the yellow squash pickles were delicious. They are by far my favorite pickles so far. :)

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