Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nearing 10,000 Views/ Introducing Mother Earthlings

So this blog has been going now for what will be 3 yrs in November. In that time we have gotten so many fans, and helped so many people and now we are quickly approaching 10,000 views. I have seen such a steady growth of readership and it warms my heart knowing so many people love what I have to say. I would love to see that number double in the next year. Let's get it to 20,000 or 30,000. You are all just amazing.

So on another subject, one of my favorite Green Mommies, my cousin Sara, who I write about so often I finally just gave her a tag (so now you can type Sara in and bring up posts about her), just started her own page on FB called Mother Earthlings. You can find it at She is going to try and start distributing Alvababy cloth diapers and together we are still going to try and teach local daycares about cloth and how to use it. I have seen her go from a 100% disposable Mom to an organic gardening, composting, cloth diapering, recycling super Green Mommy! She has come so far. Some of the newest things she has been working on are glass sippy cups using canning jars.
So with one sippy top you can have a pretty infinite amount of glass sippy cups that are reusable totally BPA free and also usable as canning jars. I know this is one area we could use help in because we have a tendency to let kiddo buy those Disney plastic juice bottles, but to our credit we do rewash and reuse them.
So check out Sara's new venture and also let's see these numbers keep going up and up and up :) Love to all my Green Mommies!

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