Sunday, August 28, 2011

To Dye or Not To Dye? That is the Question.

So We all have had it happen, that favorite blouse or top with berry stains all down the front, or a fav shirt that just looks worn and dirty and faded. So You can throw it out, or give it away, or perhaps breath new life into it and dye it a new color. I do this about 2xs a year with any of my clothes that I would otherwise stop wearing or worse throw away.
Today I was dyeing Bug's brown feety jammies that I made him last year, to be used for his black cat costume for Halloween. I figured.. Hey I have to do this anyway why not use the dye to fix up a few items. So I grabbed a dress, two shirts and a sweater that I had until recently worn almost everyday and loved dearly. They all had massive stains. So I threw them in the dye too. I don't have before pics but I know I do have pics of each of them on me at some point. Here are the after pics. They all look a tie dyed in the pics but that is because they are still drying and the wet spots look darker than the light ones.

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