Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Day Of Summer

So up here in the Northeast we didn't get hit too bad from Hurricane Irene but we did get a bad day of cold rain,  high winds and dark black skies. So how did this Green Mommy spend today? 
Bug and I got up early and ran to the kitchen in warm winter jammies and I made him breakfast while he helped me mix up a batch of scallop squash muffins from our organic purees we froze last week. 

So then we had coffee and milk and dipped our muffins in the toasty kitchen. 

With our lunch we had some of the yummy dilly beans we pickled last week.

I cleaned up and ran the dishwasher and then we thawed some rhubarb and blackberries, blueberries and raspberries and with some tapioca and sugar made pie filling. 

Bug helped me make the pie crusts and then we made a pie. More warm baking :) 

After Rob left for work Bug and I snuggled up, made dinner and then had a slice of pie to share. 

After Bug went to bed I started working on the sweater I am knitting for him some more. 

All in all even though it was cold, rainy and dark, this last day of summer vacation was perfect. 

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