Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Bounty: Prepping for Winter

A few days ago my garden actually started producing a bunch. The herbs have boomed, the strawberries are producing like crazy (though quite late), the squash and zucchini are huge, the peppers are plentiful, but as I planted in late June the harvest will be late this year. In the meantime though I got a message from a fellow Green Mommy who's all organic heirloom garden is beyond plentiful, offering me a huge amount of harvest produce. I jumped at the chance to puree, freeze, pickle, and can produce for winter.
So Sunday she dropped off a box of squash, bag of cucumbers and peppers, and a bag of green beans and purple string beans.
 So first off I set up a jar of dilly beans and a jar of garlic dill pickles. The dill was fresh organic dill from my garden and the garlic was organic and locally grown.

Then I prepped and froze a container of green beans for future dinners.

Then I prepped the three different varieties of squash. I steamed the zucchini squash and baked the scallop squash and white bush squash. 

Then scooped the squash out of all the shells, pureed it in the food processor and then  froze the purees of all three types of squashes.

I ended up with enough puree for a few months of fall and winter baking. I am hoping to add to it with more squash, pumpkins, and zucchini.

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