Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Girls Should Stay Little Girls

I don't often rant on matters that are not about BFing or Greener living but this news report was too much. It shocked me so much I had to say something. I don't even have a daughter but this broke my heart! Not to mention this is a sick slope that will effect not only an entire generation of women to be but also men to be too. As women if we could put aside these ideas of outer beauty, sexualization, and competition with one another and stop pushing these false values on young girls, we could change the world. Little girls should be allowed to get muddy, to play mommy, to hug a teddy bear. They shouldn't be worried about how sexy they are or bras and panties. This is beyond outrageous! Sometimes I think raising a boy is easier but then again you have to raise them to not take advantage of girls who are overly sexualized, or not be taken advantage of by them. I feel like we never had these problems growing up... I never even kissed a boy until 18 and I had sleepovers well into my 20's. We played barbies and just had fun baking cookies with our moms. The truth is it has effected an entire generation. We are sitting on the precipice of a world where most CEO's are women and high ranking buissinesses are run or at least managed by women. Teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc are women... and we could change the world... but instead we are bombarded from birth with the idea that women are either supposed to be perfect sex symbols or else men will think they are ugly or worse they then turn that into their entire reason to be. It is scary so scary.

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