Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's August! 1st Harvest Bounty of the Season

August, September, and October are my absolute favorite three months!!!!! The air takes on this aroma of leaves, crisp cool nights and pumpkin. Everything bursts into harvest. Wildflowers burst on the scene, black eyed susans, sunflowers, sumac, cattails, queen Anne's lace.. just so many things. My garden is in full swing, banana peppers  and green peppers, tomatoes, and herbs abound. My best friend gave me 5 large yellow squash yesterday which I quickly turned into delicious squash puree (seeds and all..mmmm) and then turned that into bread. I also pickled the couple of banana peppers we had ripe. MMMM.
Squash complete with Bug teeth marks
 Pureeing the squash
 Bread batter
 Finished product
 Brown sugar instead of white, squash seeds instead nuts, puree instead of oil or butter. MMMMMMM

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