Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Disposables Rant

There are times when disposable things can be useful. Who among us can say they don't use paper plates at a BBQ or a birthday party. Or  the occasional disposable coffee cup when you forget your reusable mug at home, but this world is getting unbelievable with the amount of disposable products meant to be used and thrown out. It is becoming a losing battle to fight against these companies who market so well that people actually believe that they need these products and whats more that their lives are better for it. A few that have gotten under my skin lately are disposable diapers and disposable coffee cups for home.
Firstly I hate disposable diapers. That is 90% of why I originally started this blog. After this past weekend though I am more assured in this than ever. Due to disposables my son now is covered in scabby rashes all over his butt and genitals. I almost want to take pictures to email to every disposable manufacturer. It is sick and I want to cry as he screams at each diaper change. We thought nothing of him using them while he was at his Gramma's and while we were at renfaire. After the three days of disposables though (and a bit of loose poo) he now has a massive rash. We have tried everything and luckily being back in cloth is helping but good lord.. he is just so sad and it is breaking my heart. I have written before about the waste, the expense and the environmental damage disposables cause but I really must say now here I am writing about  something so much closer to my heart, my baby. Disposables are just so bad for babies. They cause rashes, they hold dangerous chemicals close against your babies skin and they are made to hold more liquid than a diaper should so that lazy parents leave their children in diapers that should have been changed much more often. Many children have allergic reactions to disposable diapers and this causes even more rashes. I have helped many people switch from disposables to cloth but I so rarely have had Bug in disposables I don't really have much of an experience with the other side of it but after having used cloth for 22 months I have to say that I can not imagine that the convenience makes up for all the pain, leaks, troubles, and environmental damage.
Home use disposable coffee cups are equally absurd and from what I can see simply have no purpose. I understand not everyone brings a reusable mug with them to the local coffee shop or to McDonalds to get that morning coffee but to not use reusable coffee mugs in your own home? How lazy can we as a society get? Do you hate doing dishes sooo badly that you can not rinse out a coffee mug and fill it with coffee? Have we really as a society reached the point where you need to buy a set of disposable coffee mugs to use each morning? I think anyone buying these things need to rethink their daily choices.
So there is my disposable rant for the day. Sorry but I am one upset Mamma.

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