Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reuse Reduce Recycle

So Bug wears a lot of used clothes, either from friends with older boys, or from thrift stores or garage sales. So right there we are already reusing old clothing and reducing the amount of new clothes being produced.

So where does the recycle part come in? Well the other day a friend of mine and local Green Mommy Extraordinaire Liz H gave us some of her sons old clothes for Bug. One of the pairs of jeans had rips in both knees. 

So I found a pair of Hubby's old shorts that just happened to be a green/grey color and that were beyond destroyed. 

So I cut out two dino shapes big enough to patch up the holes. One is a sauropod and the other a pteranodon. 

And wham! Just like that an upcycled pair of cool dino jeans!!!

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