Monday, May 23, 2011


So I don't normally post stuff on the blog about the stuff I sell in the store, but I am hoping against hope that I can get enough stuff sold soon to make up for not having a summer job so that instead of being gone all summer working I can stay home with Bug and spend time with him. So that being said, I already have lined up some possible big customers, including a garb making job and a possible work alliance with Heather Liebfred Photography making props for her shoots. I really would love to focus on tutus and hats right now and the tutus I have made so far have turned out just gorgeous if I do say so myself. They are all made to order, in whatever colors you would like (provided I can find them or dye them that color). They are all made with quality tulle and ribbons. I am going to be starting a new style where they are doubled with flower petals in the skirt. So weather you would like the traditional poofy fairy princess or the more sweet flower girl style let me know. They are 30$ a piece and well worth the money. My crocheted and knit hats are 10$ for a baby size, 15$ for toddler or child, and 20$ for adult or large child. These too are quality, hand made and made to order, unless you want one I already have made. Here are some pictures of what I can do for you.

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