Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Found a New Favorite Diaper Company

I am in love with these diapers. This vender, ebay name "nicebluesky09", from what I can tell has diapers from various companies. I have noticed that she even sells the same diapers as "goodseller003" which if you recall I had some serious issues with and had to open a ebay complaint case against them. In contrast this vender is amazing! Her diapers are so adorable, got here quick and are as soft as a cloud on the inside. The two I ordered are not the same as the Happy Flute Diapers, these ones have snaps more like those of the sunbaby diapers allowing for more sizing. They also unlike most cheaper diapers have the extra snaps for snapping a used diaper shut when on the go. This is a feature I got used to with our borrowed diapers in the beginning and have missed. Most pricier diapers have them but at only 5$ a diaper these are a steal and even have all the fancier  attractions that calls you to a pricier brand. Here are the diapers I bought.

As Aleks' is almost potty trained it may seem silly to buy a few more, but these also are going to be used on our second child when we have it and it never hurts to have a few more. Aleks is at the point where he may only dirty 3 diapers per day (not counting night) so an extra 2 is almost a whole other day between washings.
I think I will end this post with  a picture of some of our cutest cloth diapers. I washed them all today and felt compelled to take a picture.

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