Monday, May 23, 2011

Watermelon Smoothies/ Popsicles

So I know I blogged about this exact thing last summer but this time I took pictures. As many of you know I refuse to let Bug eat regular store bought popsicles (except for the dole real fruit juice super yummy ones.. and even that is rarely). Instead we make them at home. It is much cheaper and you can control what goes in. Mostly we just use 100% juice, but when I am feeling super motivated or we have fruit about to turn I make 100% all natural fruit smoothies that we then freeze into popsicles. Today we were using up watermelon.
So first you take the fruit you want to use and you blend it. If it's a melon no juice is required. Same with oranges.. lemons, peaches...etc. However apples, pears, sweet potatoes... stuff like that you need to add some juice. i usually use 100% apple juice. Here was our fruit.
And here it is blended down.
And as popsicles.
And along with the apple ones we made earlier.
And Bug enjoying an apple popsicle fresh from the freezer.

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