Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gardens, Tutus, Aprons, and Compost!

The Green Mommy has been busy. I mean BUUUUSSSSY! In the last week alone I put in our garden, helped my best friend put in hers, started our compost bin, made an apron, a tutu, mended a skirt for a friend and started a hat, adult apron, and tutu all for customers. I have had a very fun week.
So without further ado let's jump in. Let's start with the gardens. I do not have pictures of my friends garden but it was a plot about 15 ft by 15 ft. We planted corn, beans, tomatoes, beets, peppers, squash, and spinach. It was loads of fun and Bug helped. Then the next day I put in our garden. I talked about this last year but for those who don't know, where we live between super clay soil, a mean landlord, and neighbors who steal we keep our garden in pots on our steps. So here is this years.
We are growing zucchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, rosemary, basil, and peppers. I am very excited.
So onto compost. We finally got our compost bin set up. Here it is.
Last but not least here are the two latest Green Mommy creations. A toddler apron and a newborn tutu.


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    1. :) I do love making them :) I wish I had a little girl to wear them.


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