Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Leaky Boob post that really caught my eye.

As always the Leaky Boob is an invaluable blog and FB page and was what prompted me to bring my own blog here to FB. Her last post really caught my eye. In it she talks about the new breastfeeding doll and all the controversy which says that this doll over sexualizes young girls and teaches them about the birds and the bees to young. Really? I feel like playing Mommy is really something all kids do from a very very young age and is it really any different to have a child playing pretend feeding with a bottle. My son received a toy puppy that you feed with a bottle and because it was a dog (and we don't tend to breastfeed our dogs) I was ok with it but if he had had a baby doll with a bottle I probably would have thought it odd, and if he were a girl might have sat him down and taught him that we don't bottle feed babies unless as a last resort. So over sexualizing young girls... No I don't think so.
Anyway I thought her take on it was very cute and tongue in cheek. She posted tons of cute pictures of young ones "breastfeeding" ther dolls. So without further ado here is her great post.

As soon as I posted this she had posted a new one on the same subject... also a great read.

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