Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy International Midwife Day

Here is a topic I have never thought to address before in this blog. Midwives. Most of my greenie friends had a midwife either though out their pregnancy, at their delivery or both. So why do people choose midwives over doctors? For me it was a simple choice. I knew I wanted a more gentle touch. I wanted someone who was more concerned with me as a mother and person than with getting to the next patient. I wanted someone who would be a friend to me as my child grew inside of me. I knew that that was something I would only get from a midwife. I began asking around the day we got our positive test. I asked who were great midwives that people really loved having. I got one main response, Laurie (I won't put last names in for privacy). Laurie I was told though had a waiting list a mile long so to call as soon as the test turned positive. So I called her at 5 weeks and had my first exam scheduled for 8 weeks. Over the next 9 months my friendship with her grew. She answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. She helped me with my gall bladder issues and thanks to her I did not have to have my gall bladder removed. Even when my baby grew to gigantic proportions and it was told to me that we needed to have a c-section she was there with me. She introduced me to the surgeons who would do the procedure and on the day my son was born she showed up in my room. She helped me into the OR and held my hand while they prepped me for surgery. She was the first person to hold our son and she took the first pictures of us together as a family in that OR. She was an amazing part of our lives for 9 months and I know that it would have been a very different experience had we not had her there. Thank You Laurie!

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