Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

Well Mother's Day came and went and I hope for everyone it was as wonderful as it was for me. I meant to post about Mother's Day during.. well Mother's Day but on Friday of last week I started having early labor symptoms that escalated through the weekend and by Sunday I thought for sure River would be a Mother's Day baby. Alas she did not arrive and still has not. I am 38 weeks today, sitting back with my most likely 8 lb baby girl, enjoying the 13 days left of my pregnancy.
So this year for Mother's Day I got a wonderful and heartfelt card from my wonderful Hubby,

and flowers from Bug.

I also got my family ring which was something I have wanted since Bug was born  but wanted to wait until I was sure our family was done before I got a set family ring. It has Hubby's, Mine, Bug's, Asya's and River's birthstones on it.

I spent the day outside planting the flowers Bug bought me, as well as a few I picked up and working in the garden setting things up for summer.

One of the best surprises though was the dandelions that sprouted up the morning of Mother's Day for the first time of the year. Not only are they my favorite flower they also represent River. They were a welcome sight. So as much as bringing home my baby girl that day would have completed my Mother's Day, it is still miles away from where I was last year, and I am so happy to be 38 weeks closer to bringing home my rainbow baby!

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