Monday, May 5, 2014

International Midwife Day

Today is International Midwife Day. I can honestly say that I would not have my beautiful children if it were not for midwives. My first midwife was there through my entire pregnancy with Bug. She helped me every step of the way with every question, every worry. She was never cold, never unfeeling. The day they decided to do a c section she told me she would still be there with us every step of the way. She held my hand in the OR until Rob got there. She was the one who took the first pictures of us as a family. It was just amazing how sweet and caring she was.
With River I was offered a midwife. I was so happy because I couldn't have one with Asya. The midwife I got has been amazing. She has helped us and walked us through what has been a very hard, very scary, high risk pregnancy. She has been our rock and made sure our every concern was addressed. I don't think we could have gotten through this without her and the wonderful staff she works with.
With Asya I didn't have a midwife. I was told no midwife in my town would see me, and so I chose a female OB. If you remember the posts after we lost Asya, she was cold unfeeling, and let me miscarry for 17 weeks, and blacklisted me from getting any other help in my town so I had to seek help 3 towns away and go to a different hospital, where I received immediate help and surgery. Now I am not saying all OBs are bad or that all midwives are great but in my experience OBGYNs often do not have time to go the extra mile for their patients. So if you have been lucky enough to have a midwife make sure you thank her (or him) and that they know how much they are appreciated!

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