Monday, May 5, 2014

International Bereaved Mother's Day

Yesterday was International Bereaved Mother's Day. A day to remember not just mothers who have all their children with them here on earth but also those mothers who hold some of their or all of their children in their hearts only, having lost them. A mother is not made when a baby is born, a mother is made when a baby is first wanted, conceived even just in thought and mind. I have carried 5 children, though two of them I lost very very early. The other three, one walks the earth as a wonderful 4 year old, one is in heaven, and one is still inside my womb almost ready to be born. I can not hold all my children in my arms but I can hold them all in my heart. I get to join in all the joy and love of Mother's Day with my two live children, but I also like the quiet, somber, remembrance of  Bereaved Mother's Day, and acknowledge the importance of remembering ALL mothers.

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