Friday, May 2, 2014

It's May? IT'S MAY!

Well the sliver of sun coming out from behind the rain clouds, and the 7 lb baby kicking my ribs both tell me that it is finally MAY. As of today in 27 days (or sooner) our rainbow princess will be here. So what has the Green Mommy been up to?  Not a whole lot. Mostly just getting ready for our new arrival. Starting this Tuesday we start our one week Midwife/OB appts. We have three of those and then a last ultrasound and then of course ... the c section. We did get the nursery finished though, and did some tie-dyeing to upcycle some stained white stuff and of course celebrate our rainbow baby with lots of color. We also had a blast doing some really amateur maternity photos. Bug actually took them. He isn't a half bad little photographer.  So I guess without further ado.. here are some pictures to share.
Here are the four tie dye projects we did. It's a sling style baby carrier, Bug's t shirt, one of my sundresses, and one of my skirts. I think they turned out great!

And here is a pic of Bug in his "new" t shirt and me in my "new" sundress.

Here is a picture of River's Nursery all finished and ready for her. I hand painted and designed the letters. Everything is hand made or recycled. When she is born the bassinet will be secured close to the bed, but for right now I am too pregnant to be able to get out of bed that way.

Last but not least here a few of my favorite pictures from our "maternity photo shoot".

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