Tuesday, June 3, 2014

She Is Here!!!!

Well after so many years, an early loss, months of TTC, conceiving Asya Rose, the grief and pain of losing her, months of miscarrying, surgery, months of TTC, conceiving River Anne, and a very long, very nerve wracking pregnancy. River Anne is here! Our sweet rainbow baby girl is here. She is beautiful and amazing. In true contrast to her big brother she turned out to be just barely over 7 lbs. Now she is just over 6.5 lbs. Bug is in love! We all are! I never thought that we would actually be bringing her home.
In true greenmommy/green baby fashion she is already in cloth diapers and breastfeeding like a champion. She took to breastfeeding so well and like her brother she cluster fed on her second night of life and successfully brought my milk in by the next morning. With both of my kids my milk was in by the 2nd morning after the day of my c section. Well I could go on and on about everything but I am sure you want to see pictures so without further ado... River!

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