Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh Autumn

"Oh Autumn"... that is how i feel today. Those words were once hilariously uttered by one of my best friends as we were shopping in a Rochester Walmart. She saw some decorative Fall leaves and candles and said "Oh Autumn" and wandered off.  Today however that happy sigh of  "oh Autumn" explains exactly how I feel. My zucchini is growing in abundance as our the butternut squash. Even our strawberries have suddenly started producing in large quantities. Better late than never I guess.
The leaves are already starting to change and my birthday is right around the corner and with that so is Bug's 2nd birthday. I can vividly remember spending this time 2 years ago waddling around with my super huge belly. I was so beyond excited to become a mother.

Then this time last year we were planning his 1st birthday and spending lazy Saturdays at the Farmer's Market.

Now as his second birthday approaches I just feel so happy and in love with my child. He is more amazing everyday. I can't wait to walk with him through crunchy leaves and carve pumpkins this year. 

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