Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mommy Blues

In less than 2 weeks my baby turns two. This Green Mommy is a Blue Mommy. I just stare at him, his eyes, ears lips, smile, hair, toes. I just feel as though when that clock hits 8:17 AM on the 22nd that he won't be my baby anymore. Two means he is a toddler. Two means he is not a baby. Two means he is growing up so fast.. too fast.
The day I found out I had conceived him I clutched my stomach. I just rubbed it and cried and laughed and smiled so big because I knew inside of me was this amazing person and someday I would get to be his Mommy.
I would like to say the day he was born my life changed forever.. but it isn't true. My life changed the moment that test turned positive. I watched my belly grow, saw him on a monitor screen, watch his feet slide across my belly from the inside. I knew him long before he took his first breath.
When he finally did take his first breath and I held this beautiful amazing person in my arms it felt like my life had finally found it's purpose. Over the last two years I have watched him grow, change, develop, and overall become a person that it so much more than me or DH. He is just his own little person.
I love you so much my Bug. Stop growing so quickly.. you are making Mommy Blue.

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