Friday, August 1, 2014

Inside the OR: The Other Side of Cesareans part 2 of 2

Well I promised you some pictures from inside the OR. So without further ado, here are some breathtakingly beautiful birth pictures proving that even during a cesarean we can celebrate the moment of birth.

This is the son of my friend, just seconds after being pulled out. 
That beautiful moment when you hear that first cry.

This one just stopped my heart. It is so beautiful. This is another friend's baby as it is being pulled out. Just like with a vaginal birth you can see the doctor's cradling the head.

Here is one of a friend's son and husband with Daddy still in his scrubs, capturing that proud moment. Often if not always with cesarean births Daddy is the first person to hold baby, allowing for a unique moment that doesn't often happen with births.

This is a beautiful picture of a friend's son's cord being cut. 
See we should all strive to look for the beauty in cesareans as well as vaginal deliveries.

Last but not least another beautiful first cry picture. That moment when the doctors say "And...they are out"

I will try to share more pictures from inside the OR from time to time to continue my goal of helping women who end up with c sections feel that their birthing experience is as beautiful as any birthing experience.


  1. I knew this would move me, but I never expected the explosion of tears that came with seeing these photos. Thank you so much for sharing these and for addressing the shaming, hints of inequality (or outright comments intimating a failure on the Mother's part occured) and letting people see how beautiful every type of birth is.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Hugs hun. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. They were amazing.


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