Saturday, August 2, 2014

Breast Milk Jewelry?

Yes that is a real thing. Jewelry made from your breastmilk and even placenta. I am not sure if this is the coolest thing I have ever heard of or the strangest. Today I somehow came across not one but two different companies who do this as mementos for mothers. I guess honestly I could not think of a better way to honor your breastfeeding journey.

The first one is called Babybee Hummingbirds. She makes all sorts of these gems and even makes eternity rings out of breastmilk or placenta. They are really very beautiful. She can also include flower petals or leaves from the grave of an angel baby or from where you bury your placenta.

The second company is called Mommy Milk Creations. Her prices are a little higher but she also does gorgeous work. She even will make cremation gems from your angel baby's ashes. This company even does pet memorials and first curl keepsakes. The one I found most intriguing was the curl with the breastmilk gem. I would love to see if I could get one done with both kids curls and my breastmilk in the middle.

However if you are feeling more like a DIY project there are kits you can buy on Etsy. I found a blogpost that shows how to do it. DIY Breastmilk Gem. It does seem pretty easy. Something you could do in your own kitchen at home.
So there you have it, what better way to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week than with jewelry made from your own breastmilk.

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