Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Green Mommy and the Quest for the Perfect Nurser

So I have had 2 children, both of whom were/are exclusively breastfed until starting solid foods at 6 months. However with Bug I went back to school when he was 4 months old and with River I will be returning to work around her 3 month mark. So this has meant with both of them bottles were a necessary  part of our life. With Bug we searched and searched and finally ended up with the Avent nursers. Now don't get me wrong these are good nursers. They are modeled after a human nipple, they are wide and short to allow comfortable close feeding and bonding. All in all they are a solid B+ bottle. That being said we had a lot of problems getting Bug to drink breast milk from a bottle. We had to even try sippy cups for a while. There was a lot we didn't know then though that we do now. We all in all needed to find an A+ bottle.
With River we began getting her used to bottles earlier. Thank goodness we did because with me being in and out of the hospital and so far gone a collective 3+ days where I had to pump and dump for various reasons, it was good she can take a bottle. So we started out using the Avent ones for her too. We also tried a few other brands of nursers including Gerber, Similac, and Lansinoh and none were that great.
Then a few days ago my cousin gave us an enormous box full to the brim with bottles. I figured I would snag a few of the typical (Evenflo, Gerber, Walmart brand, generic standard) bottles that fit my Medela pump and use them as storage bottles. So I did that but I also went through all the rest to see what was in there. At the bottom of the box, almost brand new, in perfect condition was a Tomee Tippee "Sensitive Tummy Feeding" bottle. The kind with the temperature gauge in the inside to tell you when the milk is perfect. I had looked into these bottles for Bug but at between 10-15$ a bottle, it seemed silly to pay that. But here was one in my hands. So I washed and sterilized it and tried it out. River took it no problem. She had none of the issues Bug and she had with the Avent nursers. See not only do Tommee Tippee nursers have a temperature gauge, the have one of the world's most realistic nipples, and an amazing vent system that allows for easier feeding on a sensitive tummy. They are the closest thing to breastfeeding that I have found so far.
So needless to say I am in love. I am in love with a bottle. I am so grateful to have found one for free so I could test it out because I had been afraid of the price, but now I can say that even at 10$  bottle... buy them! If you are a breastfeeding Mom who needs to go back and forth between bottles and breast, then Tommee Tippee is the best.... and no I did not get paid to say all this. :)

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