Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Day in The Life...

 So my nursling Baby Girl is asleep, my Bug is asleep and Hubby took our furchild for a walk so as I sit here alone I could fold and stuff diapers or I could update my blog. I decided this would be a tad more fun.
So what to write about? How about a day in the life of the Green Mommy? Now that we have a new member of the family it's a whole new daily routine. Now keep in mind this is only our summer routine. When I am working my routine is much more hectic and less fun.

So let's start at about 6 AM: Baby Girl wakes up for a morning feeding. I nurse her while we lay skin to skin in bed. I love this time because it is just newly light out and everyone is still asleep. I usually change her too... usually a prefold and cover since she is just chilling in bed. By 7 AM she is back asleep and so am I.
8 AM: Bug comes bounding in (sometimes he plays until 9 AM and lets me sleep for an extra hour). I get up with him and we head to the kitchen to make coffee, breakfast and load the dishwasher and run it (I hate doing dishes right after dinner so we usually leave them until morning.) I drink my coffee and we eat our breakfast usually while watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report on HULU.
10 AM: By now Baby girl is up and usually Hubby is too so he will bring her out to the kitchen and I will feed and change her again. If he is awake enough he may have even changed her for me. :)
11 AM: (Aprox) I take a shower, saving all my shower water to water the gardens. Then after I get dressed Bug and I gather the water in watering cans and water all the gardens. Then we spend the next hour or so weeding, spraying soapy water for bug repellent, and fertilizing with either compost, urine, or Epsom salts. When the gardens get bigger and are producing we also harvest during this time. I know you are supposed to not water during noon but we often don't have a lot of time because we have to drain the tub before Hubby needs to shower. If I shower at night though I water them before bed.
12 PM: We make lunch... sometimes it's as little as sliced fruit and veggies... in the summer we eat light during the hot parts of the day. I also usually feed Baby again. If it's a diaper washing day usually by now they are washed and ready to be hung on the line. So Bug plays in his sandbox or rides his bikes and trikes around while I hang up the diapers (or laundry depending). If it's a Saturday Bug and I (and Baby Girl) head to the Farmer's Market and spend a few hours picking out fresh veggies, fruit and meats to take home. On other days we often go to the beach, library, park or have playdates. If it's a rainy day or a lazy day we watch movies or clean the house. This is usually most of our afternoon.
4 PM: We start dinner. If I am feeling hot and lazy it is usually something on the grill. Tonight was flounder fillets grilled with butter and lemon and herbs and asparagus roasted on the grill. Bug loved it. I almost always am feeding Baby during dinner and eating with one hand.
6 PM: Usually we relax at the patio table or Hubby and Bug run around the water guns, or we go take a family walk with the dog. Sometimes we mow the lawn or go to the drive-in theater or just stay inside and watch a movie with popcorn. Sometimes friends come over and we get to hang out with adult people for awhile. And of course.... nurse.... and nurse...
8:30 PM: Is Bug's bedtime, which is he goes to bed on time I spend the rest of my evening feeding Baby Girl, folding laundry and watching shows on Netflix. Usually around 12 AM ... sometimes 2 AM I fall asleep with Baby and Hubby comes to bed sometime around then. If I am lucky Baby girl will sleep until 6 AM.
And there you have it.. it's not much... it's a pretty simple life.. nothing exciting or crazy.. we are usually to broke or busy to do anything really wild with the kids but we have a quiet sort of fun. I love my summer days and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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